Collective Reading for 2022: Letting Go of Illusion and Finding Your Inner Strength aka We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

We’re not in Kansas anymore!

Theme: Letting Go of Illusion and Finding Your Inner Strength aka We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Well, this has to be one of the gnarliest readings I’ve ever done.  I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising, given current events, but I was still surprised at just how topsy-turvy the cards appeared to be. Strive for disappointment and avoid virtue? Warnings about wealth and good fortune? It took some time for me to dive into each card and put the pieces together. And in doing so I came to understand that in 2022, just like the cards in this reading, things simply are not what they seem. It is a year that requires discernment, letting go, and listening to our hearts. There is also a big story in 2022 around money, wealth, and power. And by big story, what I really mean is, a cautionary tale.

Despite some of the grim themes in this reading, there is also some very clear advice for navigating these waters, and in fact the Final Outcome card is the only *directly* positive/supportive card of the lot! Spoiler alert: it is time to cultivate our inner strength, act from the heart, and follow our passion. The challenges of the year are going to forge our confidence and courage. After going through all of the cards in this write-up, I’ll also offer you suggestions on working constructively with these energies through the year ahead.

Past/Present/Future: A Cautionary Tale About Illusions of Wealth

Immediate Past: 5 of Wands // Strife
• quarrels, infighting, competition, cruelty, fighting for survival or hierarchy (establishing the “pecking order”), discord, division

Present: 10 of Disks // Wealth
• prosperity, monetary wealth, security, financial stability, domestic contentment, but also – the futility of material gain
Supported by: X. Fortune
• destiny, doors opening, evolving out of a situation, divine providence, stability amidst flux, support

Immediate Future: XV. The Devil
• blind impulse, temptation, ambition, obsession, secrets, endurance, discontent, materialism, recklessness, division, restriction, illusion, “the chain and fatality of the material life”

These are the cards that set the tone for 2022, and in this particularly reading, they offer a cautionary tale about wealth, power, illusion, and restriction. We begin with Strife – discord and divisiveness abounds. There is competition for power and survival. This is followed by Wealth and Fortune – words we often associate with good things, like good luck and abundance. In some cases this is indeed how the cards are read! However, in the context of this reading, we see that these cards are the result of Strife, and immediately followed by The Devil. This tells me that there is a strong indication of illusion, and things not being what they seem. There is perhaps a seduction of wealth and financial security. Because The Devil is associated with materialism, we can read the Wealth and Fortune cards as pertaining to general material security, although I do think there is something very literal to do with the monetary system. And you don’t really need a tarot reading to see that things are changing rapidly within that sphere!

Both the 5 of Wands/Strife and The Devil feature the winged sun disk symbol of ancient Egypt, which in tarot is generally seen as a symbol of power. This can be interpreted as discord and illusion created by those in power. These cards are also associated with Saturn, the planet of limitation, restriction, and hardship.

Both the 10 of Disks/Wealth and Fortune are the tenth card of their kind (in the suit of Disks and the major arcana, respectively). In tarot, 10 is the number of fulfillment and harvest, the culmination of circumstances and closing of a chapter. This tells me that there something coming to a culmination in 2022 around money and material concerns. Be wary of the “quick fix”.

What to Strive For and What to Avoid: Keeping it Real

Strive For: 5 of Cups // Disappointment
• misfortune, heartache, betrayal, resentment, sadness, regret, loss of glamour, disillusionment, grief

Avoid: 3 of Wands // Virtue
• success, pride, fulfilling one’s duty, arrogance, conceit

At first glance, it seems like these cards are flip-flopped. Shouldn’t we strive for Virtue, and avoid Disappointment? Again, this is pointing to the clue that things are not what they seem. I think everyone can agree, we are in a time of immense change as a collective. There is quite a bit of confusion and fear, and rightfully so. When I look at these cards, what I see is this: it’s time to get real and acknowledge that things are really hard right now. Instead of trying to maintain a sense of normalcy, what if we simply acknowledge this reality, and let ourselves grieve? How are we suppose to move forward otherwise? It’s about taking a sober look at the reality we are in, letting go of the way things were, and letting ourselves feel that loss so that we can process it and start looking toward creating a better future.

As for avoiding virtue – this is not a year to play the martyr. Particularly in a time when illusions and confusion abound, choosing to be virtuous and play the martyr, despite all good intentions, can do more harm than good. And the shadow side of Virtue is that sense of “holier than thou” arrogance and conceit. We are all guilty of this at times!

Ongoing Energies: Death, Transformation, Power, Structures, Fear, Anxiety

Hopes and Fears: XIII. Death
• transformation, change (voluntary or involuntary) perhaps sudden and unexpected, illusory death, reincarnation, exaltation above matter, redemption, change in consciousness, death of a situation

Environment/People Around You: 4 of Disks // Power
• law and order, gain of money and influence, success, rank, dominion, fortress, vigilence, government, clinging to power or posessions, solid foundation, stability, security, ability to create something tangible

Mental State: 5 of Disks // Worry
• intense strain, suppressed action, financial loss, professional setbacks, monetary anxiety, poverty, material trouble, destitution, bad health, weak self-esteem, “the binding of celestial forces to mechanical purposes”

These ongoing energies are fairly self-evident and seem to be carrying over from 2021 (and 2020!) – we should be well acquainted with them by now. There is the literal fear of Death with the pandemic, and well as fear of change or loss of our way of life. On the flip side of this, there is the hope of renewal and transformation. How can we alchemize this energy to bring hope and new beginnings for 2022?

The 4 of Disks/Power card is quite dynamic as well. On one hand it is indicating more restrictions and limitations, and on the other hand it is pointing to our need to create new structures and foundations as we move through 2022.

The 5 of Disks/Worry is unfortunately a prevalent mindset of the collective at this time, and understandably so. Again, allow yourself to acknowledge the grief and hardship, not just for yourself, but for the collective as well. It is only by acknowledging our fears and worry that we are able to forge a new inner strength.

Final Outcome: Lust for Life – Finding your Passion and Inner Strength

Final Outcome: XI. Lust
• courage, strength, energy, use of magickal power, life force, joy in strength exercised, joy in desire, passion, fortitude, acting from the heart

With all of the challenging cards and aspects that came up for 2022, I feel like this card is our guiding light forward. The Lust card is also commonly called Strength in other tarot decks. So while it can refer to sexual lust, it represents much more than that as well. This is about finding our lust for life, and what a year to do so! Perhaps it is the perfect antidote to the grief and hardships we may face. And I truly believe that with the challenges we may experience in 2022, we can come to find our true inner strength and the fortitude to walk a path of passion and exuberance for life.

Suggestions for working with the energies of 2022:


  • Allow confusion to disburse before taking action.
  • Allow yourself to grieve for what has been lost.
  • Avoid taking the role of the martyr. Attempts at virtuous action may cause more harm than good, and may lead to conceit.
  • It is time to rise above material concerns.
  • Accept that things cannot continue in the same manner.
  • Avoid unnecessary/large purchases when possible. Think about other ways of creating wealth that are not monetary.
  • This is an excellent year to find your passion – what gets your blood pumping and gives you a lust for life?
  • This may also be an excellent year to start a new exercise regimen.

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Wishing you a beautiful year filled with passion, courage, and heart. You’ve got this.

Much love and bright blessings,


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