Art by Annie Rosenberg of Blackhausart

The pendulum as an image for better understanding the energies of Imbolc and surrounding seasonal cycles. As you can see, the peaks of the  pendulum’s swing are at Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice. These are points of both beginnings and endings, the longest night and longest day, and the forces of the elements are quite evident – think the icy stillness of winter and blazing heat of summer.

The midpoint marks the Spring Equinox – this is where we would find the pendulum when it is at rest. There is a sense of stillness at this time, as well as balance and harmony.

We find Imbolc and Beltane at the half way points between the Solstices and Spring Equinox, and as we see in the image of the pendulum, these are times of forward  motion, progress, and momentum. Therefore, during Imbolc we find ourselves in motion (ready or not!), moving from the icy stillness and dark depths of winter, to the balance, harmony, and new life of the Spring Equinox. It can be a dizzying time, so cleaning, organizing, planning, and getting clear on your intentions for the year ahead are all excellent ways to keep yourself grounded. It is an exciting time as well, as the earth energies are waking up and potential abounds.

Key Concepts

• midway point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox
• awakening of earth energies
• days are getting longer
• renewal and forward momentum
• “festival of lights”, traditionally observed with the lighting of candles
• rising out of our hibernation
• an excellent time for renewing your dedication to your Craft or spiritual path
• key words for this time are: celebration, prophecy, purification, initiation
• sensing the potential of future outcomes

Ways to work with the energies of Imbolc

• initiation/self-dedication to your Craft or spiritual path
• spend time outside and tune in to the awakening earth energies
• light a candle and meditate on the candle flame
• do a divination for the time from now until the Spring Equinox (March 20)
• clean your home and open windows to bring in fresh air
• start a plant from seed or buy a plant to keep indoors
• start garden planning for the year
• have a bonfire
• start a new exercise regimen/find new ways to move your body
• set out a bird feeder and/or bird bath
• set out offerings to the land spirits

Journal prompts for Imbolc

• what kind of spiritual work would you like to (re)dedicate yourself to this year?
• what seems to be picking up momentum in your life right now? this can be just about anything – projects, dreams, emotions, insights, communications, activities, etc.
• what insights did you glean from the dark depths of winter that you can carry forward with you in the year ahead?
• if you do any divination at this time, be sure to record any insights/visions/messages you receive.
• in these challenging times, what can you do to create a better future for the collective and the planet?

Imbolc Blessings,


Art by Annie Rosenberg. To see more of her work, please go to

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