Weekly Collective Reading: February 6-13, 2022

Theme: Clarity & Reflection

I. The Sun (XIX)
clarity, vitality, hope, success, truth, manifestation, freedom, new beginning or new cycle, strength, health

II. Six of Wands // Victory
peace restored, balance, harmony, victorious action, optimism, advancement, positive outcome, healthy use of creative energy, triumph after strife

III. Queen of Cups
a feminine spiritual force, deep levels of emotion and intuition, psychic abilities, contemplating the inner self, trust and follow your feelings, be receptive to psychic impressions and dreams, a time to nurture oneself and others, spiritual abundance, reflection and reception, poetry, imagination

After last week’s fiery momentum, we are now receiving some clarity and perhaps conclusions to situations or endeavors. Which will probably come as a welcome relief – I said last week’s theme was “Momentum”, but you could also have called it, “Acceleration”. Along with this being indicated by the reading, we also had the New Moon, Chinese New Year, Imbolc, and Venus and Mercury stationing direct (which means ALL planets are now stationed direct). Wowza.

It’s a lot, and if you are feeling some burnout, you are not alone! Fortunately, even though we continue to see these fiery energies with The Sun and Six of Wands, we are ending the week with the soothing water energies of the Queen of Cups. And overall I’d say this is a really beautiful combination of cards for the week ahead.

We begin with the Sun, which indicates renewal, new beginnings, a new cycle. If you have been feeling overwhelmed you may start to have some clarity and renewed energy at this time. The Sun is followed by the Six of Wands, indicating balance, healthy use of creative energies, and success in your endeavors. Whatever work, projects, or activities you are involved in at this time should feel right on track and you can get some wonderful things accomplished this week.

By the end of the week, we are ready for REST.  I very much recommend focusing on rest and self care at this time, as much as possible – take a bath, drink lots of water, journal and reflect. It’s a good time to process and integrate everything that has happened over the past two weeks or so. Trust any waves of emotions or intuitions that come up for you, as you turn inward.  To schedule a personal reading, please click here

Bright Blessings,

Deck: Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris

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