Weekly Collective Reading: February 13-20, 2022

Theme: A Clear Channel for Epiphany and Communication (plus a bonus card from my dreams!)

I. Eight of Wands
an uptick in activities, plans coming into form, easy progress, can feel like a whirlwind of a time, exciting opportunities

II. Ace of Swords
inspiration and epiphany, a new idea or attitude which cuts away confusion, clarity of mind, sharp focus, open communication, expanded consciousness, new level of perception

III. King of Swords
law, judgement, science, intelligent counsel, ideas are very focused and directed, linear thinking, beware of forgetting the heart and neglecting the body

Bonus card: Three of Pentacles
This card was shown to me in a dream last night, in the imagery of the Rider Waite deck, with the following insight – “The three pentacles are slowly spinning, indicating important works and changes in progress. The figures are in fact cosmic beings/guides/consciousness, each with a different role, working together to bring harmony to the earth plane. Together they are building a spiritual temple for humanity.”

You can think of the energy of this week as a whirlwind, and the Ace of Swords as the eye of the storm. We start out with a whirlwind of activity, as seen in the Eight of Wands – it’s an exciting time filled with opportunities and plans set in motion. By midweek we may be receiving insights, epiphanies, clarity to situations, and inspiration. Be sure to write these down or record them in some way! By the end of the week we are cutting to the truth of things, expressing what needs to be said, and using our discernment wisely. Just look out for being too linear-minded, at the expense of the heart.
Swords represent the element of air, and the Eight of Wands depicts the wands flying through the air, so while we will experience an influx of mental clarity and activity, it is also good to check in on how grounded you are feeling throughout the week. Don’t forget to tune into your heart and ground your feet into the earth.
My understanding of the Three of Pentacles, as depicted in my dream, is that it can feel like things are chaotic and beyond our control right now, but there are cosmic forces at work with humanity’s highest good in mind. The astrological attribute of this card is Mars in Capricorn, which is in fact an aspect of our current astrology. We also have a Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday, squaring the karmic lunar nodes, AND Venus conjoins Mars in Capricorn on this day as well. Cosmic forces may be illuminating your unique gifts at this time. 

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Deck: Rider Waite by AE Waite and Pamela Colman Smith

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