Weekly Collective Reading: February 27 – March 6, 2022

Theme: Tender Spirit

I. Nine of Swords
nightmares, worry, anxiety, insomnia, fear, an opportunity to find courage, an opportunity to actively begin the healing journey, negative thoughts can gain momentum at this time, remember your light

II. Four of Swords
deep rest, transmutation, healing, renewal, self-care, restorative practices, intentionally slowing down, tend to your wounds, tend to your dreams

III. Judgement (XX)
self realization and understanding, spiritual awaking, true heart, transparency, unveiling of spirit, it’s time to shed facades, seeing your full potential, forgiveness of the self, answering the call of your highest self

I was quite moved by the reading this week, as it points to a tenderness in the collective that is seen so rarely these days in the cards (and in the news). It is also much needed, as we go through times of turbulence and harsh realities. Tenderness with ourselves, tenderness with others.
What can you tend to and mend at this time?
We start the week with swirling thoughts, mostly negative and gaining momentum. This can lead to anxiety, nightmares, feeling defeated, etc. Now is the time to find your light, that source of tenderness that speaks to the heart, and shift your focus to it. Fear and shadow are part of being human, you can honor these thoughts while not letting it overwhelm you.
The energies of the Nine of Swords may lead to burnout, which will require the restorative energies of the Four of Swords.
Rest and self-care should be a priority now, as much as possible. Any practices that restore your energy are encouraged at this time. Look within and see what wounds need mending. This is also an excellent card for working with the New Moon in Pisces, happening on March 2nd.
We end the week with Judgement, not towards others but rather a judgement of self, dropping the facade and letting your true, tender spirit to arise. And in fact when you look at the imagery of the cards, we first see a glimpse of this spirit in the Nine of Swords, amidst the swirling shadows of fear and anxiety. There is a paradox here that is worth meditating on.

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Much love and bright blessings,

Saga ️

Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

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