2022 Collective Reading, Pt. 2 (6-Month Check-in)

Greetings friends,
I’m excited to get back into collective readings, and decided to kick it off with another 2022 reading, looking at the remainder of the year and building off of the initial year-ahead reading, which you can read here. That first reading was pointing to a lot of heavy energies, which I think we are seeing play out in the world, and it seemed like it might be helpful to have a second reading on ways to move forward.

So without further ado, here is what showed up in the cards ~

Theme: Creative Action Leading to Inner Wisdom and New Perspectives

Past: Knight of Wands

a quest for adventure, travel, enthusiasm, passion, creative works, dynamic action

Present: Wheel of Fortune
opportunities, expansive energy, healing, change, transformation, reincarnation, evolving out of a situation, set your sights high, doors opening

Supported by: Six of Wands
victorious action, healthy use of creative energy

Future: The Sun
a new day of possibilities and opportunities, vitality, clarity, new beginnings

Outer world: Five of Cups
pain, loss, sorrow, disappointment, grief, the bad outweighs the good, a new path is possible

Inner world: Two of Wands
contemplating next steps, examining your dreams and ambitions, seeing the big picture, powerful determination, setting goals, the ability to courageously overcome obstacles

Hopes and Fears: Four of Wands
a completed project or accomplished goal, foundation, abundance, harvest, celebration

Environment/Outside Influences: Queen of Pentacles
the natural world, earth energy, abundance, generosity, stability, the physical body, health, charity, inner strength and dignity

Support/Advice: The Lovers
the sacred marriage of dark and light within one’s own being, synthesis of inner self and outer self, harmony, collaboration, healthy relationships

Final Outcome: Page of Cups > The High Priestess
Page of Cups – the dream realm, psychic ability, imagination, peace, intuition, playful creativity, beginner’s mind
The High Priestess – the feminine mysteries of birth, life, and death, psychic healing, intuitive wisdom, lunar energies, inner guidance


It’s time to take action! With everything happening in the world, it can be easy to feel lost. How can we transmute this challenging year into a catalyst for positive change, inspired action, and innovation?

While this is a collective reading, it is calling you to look at what you can do now as an individual. 2022 continues to be a year of hardships (Five of Cups), however at a deeper level we can zoom out and reassess, dream, plan, and collaborate for a better future (Two of Wands). Both The Sun and the Page of Cups point to beginnings and possibilities, as well as a new perspective. The Lovers card is supporting our highest good and in this context represents collaboration, healthy and healing relationships, as well as self reflection and finding balance within. 

The High Priestess, as the final outcome, shows us that it is through successful actions that we learn to trust our inner wisdom. Dreams, psychic abilities, imagination, and intuition are all becoming powerful influences by the end of the year.

Bright blessings,


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