Magick and The Void

Horror vacui ~ Nature abhors a vacuum Aristotle

In order for Magick to occur, we must first create a Void – a space for this Magick to take shape. This can be done through meditation, fasting, burning herbs, casting a circle – there are many ways to enter the liminal space of the Void. When we meditate every day, clearing away thoughts and distractions to allow space for the Void, our life starts to feel inherently more magickal. When we clean our magickal spaces and altars, with sacred waters, herbs, and the Witch’s broom, we are opening the space for focus, intention, and intuition to activate . When we take a bath before rituals and rites, we clear away unnecessary energy from our physical self to allow for the Void.

However we do it, allowing for the Void inevitably involves facing our own Shadow. Once you clear and sweep the floor, the sun beam shining through the window casts your Shadow across the floor boards in stark relief. The dust and cobwebs become visible.

The Void removes illusion, which empowers our Magick even further. This is why Witches are so familiar with Shadow-work – we understand the necessity of it in order to operate our Magick and raise our inner power. We intuitively understand the importance of this Inner Work. The process can be challenging, it may feel like a death of sorts. It can also feel like a rebirth, a place of infinite possibility!

Sometimes the Void is created by one simple thing: Need. In fact, I would argue that this is the most effective space for Magick to occur, and requires very little effort on our part to create, as it often arises out of circumstances beyond our control.

The Void also requires a Vessel, in order to manifest our Magick. Without the Vessel, we can become lost in chaos, and unable to direct our energy. Our Cauldron is a symbol and tool for this Vessel. It is both protection and potential.

We must hit the pause button on our busy lives from time to time – for ideas to blossom, for intentions to manifest, for us to grow as Witches. Because, in truth, the Void is always there, waiting.

Bright Blessings,


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