Weekly Collective Reading: July 3-10, 2022

Theme: Adjusting Your Path With Keen Perception and Balanced Solutions

Past: Knight of Swords
restless thoughts, impulsive, quick-tempered, bold solutions, idealism, defensiveness, harsh methods, ideas in action

Present: Five of Pentacles
scarcity, poor health, weak self esteem, misfortune, tunnel vision, loss, self pity, an opportunity for spiritual strength, outcast/isolation, challenges in relationship, “From a place of quiet, you can reassess what is truly important, learn what the moment is teaching you, and determine what resources are actually at your disposal.” (Fountain Tarot guidebook)

Future: Queen of Swords
clarity, wisdom from experience, harsh truths, seeing all angles of a situation, disciplined mind, presence, keen perception, intuition combined with intelligence, cutting away all unnecessary thought

Blessing: Justice
mental balance and harmonious action, ethics, truth, codes of conduct, balanced solution, fairness, partnership, examining motives, objectivity, responsibility

Block: Wheel of Fortune
chance, unexpected change, luck, unknown outcome, fate

The week starts out rocky with the Knight of Wands and Five of Pentacles, highlighting hasty or impulsive thoughts and actions and mental turmoil. The Five of Pentacles is an interesting card because it is very much determined by the context of the reading. For instance, it can quite literally mean financial scarcity, or it can point to a mindset of scarcity that is not really based on the objective reality. In this instance, because it is bookended by Swords cards, which  represent the mind, I would say it is suggesting a mental perspective that does not accurately represent the reality of the situation. You can think of it as tunnel vision – being so hyper focused on scarcity and misfortune, that you fail to see the sanctuary just steps away. A fascinating card to consider for this week.

From the mistakes made by the Knight of Swords, and challenges of the Five of Pentacles, we arrive at the wisdom and keen perception of the Queen of Swords. This Queen can see the situation from many angles, cut to the heart of the matter, and take decisive action. She is supported by Justice, bringing mental balance and harmonious action. Beware of relying too heavily on fate or luck (Wheel of Fortune) – this is a week to take matters into your own hands with clear mind and decisive action.

Bright Blessings,


Deck: Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz

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