Weekly Collective Reading: July 10-17, 2022

Theme: Honoring the Tides

Past // Two of Cups
synergy, cosmic affinity, a soulful connection, harmonious relationships, healing of a relationship, alchemy

Present // King of Cups
empathy, compassion, “the expression of humanity’s greatness through arts and culture”, gentle power, devotion to family and loved ones

Future // The Fountain
recognition of one’s self as connected to all things, oneness, timelessness, a moment of cosmic clarity, surrender to that which you are, whole and perfect, an invitation to simply BE

Blessing // Six of Swords
the end of a difficult situation, beginning of a new future, setting out for new shores, an opportunity for healing and comfort, transition, stability, safe passage, overcoming adversity, resolution, travel or journey

Block // Justice
logic, fairness, objectivity, balance, level headedness

This week’s forecast is water, water, and more water. And on the 13th, we have a Full Moon occuring at its closest point to Earth for 2022, having a very literal effect on water and the tides – not to mention our emotions. In Tarot, water represents our intuition, emotions, dreams, sensitivity, heart chakra, creativity, and psychic ability. Any and all of these things could be a theme for you this week, and it will likely involve others close to you as the Two of Cups is a powerful relationship card.

The Fountain is a card exclusive to this deck, and in this reading is telling us that whatever comes up in our relationships will ultimately bring clarity and healing. Give yourself time for pause and reflection, and honor any emotions or intuitive messages that you receive.

The Six of Swords is our Blessing card, supporting our journey of healing as we traverse these sensitive waters.  The ferryman taking us to new shores tells me there may be a supportive figure in your life right now too. If this is not readily evident, consider that it may not be a literal person but rather could be a new perspective, activity, idea, etc.

Justice is our Block card, reminding us to honor the ups and downs of the tides we are experiencing at this time, rather than trying to maintain balance with our rational mind.

This week, it’s all about the heart. Practice generosity in your relationships, respect your sensitivity, record your dreams.

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