Becoming an Embodied Witch

In my body, of the Earth, I praise this Temple, for all its worth.

The term “embodied Witch” means something different for everyone and every body, so this article is primarily about my own experience (and continued journey) in becoming an embodied Witch. I hope it provides some insight, ideas, and inspiration for those on their own path in this endeavor.

Witchcraft speaks to something primal within us, and this primal nature can be experienced on both a spiritual and physical level. While the spiritual experience flows quite naturally for me, the physical experience of being a Witch is something I have had to be more intentional about cultivating on my path.

The Temple

Recognizing my body as a temple for my Craft has been the first step on this path. Blood, bone and sinew have been knit together to form a vessel for my Magick. When I go about my day, or enter Ritual with this premise, I become more aware of and intentional with my movement, breath, senses, posture, as well as how I adorn, care for, and nourish myself.


When I first started to dive into the Craft, I never thought food or cooking would have anything to do with being a Witch. Turns out, there is an entire branch of Witchcraft known as Kitchen Witchery, and its not without good reason. I have landed on the more general term of Green Witchcraft for my own practice, only because I consider the growing, foraging and study of plants for food and medicine to be included in my Craft.

When we grow and ingest plants, we are communing with the energies of Nature, when we forage and ingest wild foods, or make plant medicine with them, we are communing with the energies of our ecosystem, which is also the greater ecosystem of our bodies. Witches are often inherently healers, so “let food be thy medicine” becomes an axiom to live by and bringing health and healing to the body through nourishment is therefore a worthy goal of the embodied Witch.

Incorporating specific herbs and spices for Magickal intent, cooking ancestral foods, and blessing our meals, are all practices that can be considered integral to becoming an embodied Witch.


Practicing some sort of intentional movement every day, whether that be dance, yoga, walking, swimming, martial arts, etc, is a way of engaging our bodies and strengthening the growth of Self as a Witch. Movement is also incorporated in Ritual in order to strengthen our Magick. Examples of this are spinning, dancing, or any repetitive motion which can bring us into a trance state.

Moving the body gets us out of our minds, that cerebral space which often hinders our Magick. It also grounds us to the Earth, keeping us rooted during our etheric endeavors. It can open up energy blocks, release toxic energy, and the physical strength that is developed through movement can support and reflect the strength of our Spirit.

Deep breaths, blood pumping, sweat, and the blush of skin, are all reminders of our primal-body through movement.

Engaging the Senses

Here we get into the more Venusian experience of being an embodied Witch. There is a lot of talk about the sixth sense, but what about the other five? Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch can all be powerful tools for our Craft. They can in fact be seen as the Magickal tools inherent to our body! Incorporating colors, music, cakes and wine, incense and the scourge in ritual are examples of this.

Simply tuning into our physical senses at any given place or time, activates the primal mind and physical body, and is an excellent way to ground ourselves in our bodies as needed. Over time I have found that tuning into the physical senses has also strengthened my psychic abilities – all six senses are connected.

As someone who has often tried to “escape” my body, I have found the practice of engaging the senses to be profoundly healing.


Another Venusian theme of the embodied Witch, adorning the Temple of our bodies in any way that empowers our Magickal self. There is of course the practice of Glamour Magick, but I am referring more to the idea of adornment as a path to becoming a more embodied Witch.

Perhaps there are certain colors, scents, jewels or symbols that you resonate with as a Witch. It can be helpful to find ways to adorn yourself for the everyday, as well as for Ritual. Many Witches have sacred robes, jewelry, veils, etc specifically for their Ritual practice.

We often adorn our bodies for specific purposes, such as the above mentioned Glamour Magick, as well as protection/warding, invisibility, healing, prosperity, and more.


There is something about focusing on our breath that gently brings us back to our bodies. We can also use our breath, along with visualization, to move energy through the body to direct Magick or bring about healing.

Breathwork is also quite effective for quieting the mind and finding ourselves in the present moment, both essential for working effective Magick.

Simply taking five minutes every day to bring focus to our breath is a fantastic practice for becoming an embodied Witch.


Fresh air, bare feet on the Earth, the sound of the ocean and the scent of lavender on a summer day – being in Nature brings us back into the primal body of the Witch.

Many Witches incorporate the energies of natural objects such as stones, herbs, branches, feathers, shells, and spring water, to amplify and direct their Magick. By immersing ourselves in the natural environment, as a fellow being of Nature, we can harmonize and strengthen our bodies with these energies. Spend a week in the forest and you will see what I mean.

As a Green Witch this is an essential practice for embodying my Craft. I have learned to listen to the animals and trees, to tread lightly, and to co-create with the ecosystem around me. Over time this has most certainly forged my physical being, bringing me to better understand and experience my Self as a Witch.

Bright Blessings,


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