Weekly Collective Reading: July 17-24, 2022

Theme: An Invitation to Transform

Past // Seven of Wands
determination, standing your ground, on the defense, opposition, conviction, bravery

Present // Death
the death of something significant, accepting the inevitable, a foreseen ending, an invitation to transform, release

Future // King of Coins
ordered stability, traditional values, practicality, caution, material wealth, stubborness, avoids innovation
*clarification card // Page of Cups
a waking self, the dawning of spiritual awareness, wonder, imagination, innovation

Blessing // The Hermit
quiet observation, solitude, listening to your inner voice, facing shadow/ego, seeking truth, a willingness to let go of fixed ideas for the sake of peace, reassessment, illumination, introspection, silence leading to clarity

Block // Justice
fairness, rationality, logic, objectivity, balance, levelheadedness


It’s a challenging week ahead, however the events and shifts that take place are an invitation to transform through release, introspection and spiritual awakening.
We begin the week with the charged energy of the Seven of Wands, standing our ground and perhaps feeling like we are on the defense or faced with some sort of opposition to what we value. However, amidst this active energy, there is a sense of slowing down, a chapter closing – the Death card brings the closure to this chapter. While the Tower represents a sudden ending, the Death card is about an ending that is foreseen, so this may be a good time to reflect on what chapter is closing for you at this time. What needs to be released in order for you to flourish? With Death comes Rebirth – what do you sense beginning in your life?

I was not thrilled to see the King of Coins show up again in this reading…we had this card in the same placement just a few weeks ago, and in the context of that reading, the King of Coins was a most sinister fellow indeed. I am seeing the same energies around this card for this week’s reading, so I pulled an additional card to see how we can best manage this energy. The Page of Cups tells us to focus on innovation, and spiritial awakening. While the King of Coins is quite stodgy and set in his ways as an authority figure, the Page of Cups is in sharp contrast, shaking us out of tradition to find a new way forward.

Our Blessing card is the Hermit – its an excellent week to find solitude and look within. Times may be tumultuous, and introspection will tune us into our inner wisdom and intuition for our guiding light on the path ahead. Meditation is always indicated with this card.

The Block card is in fact the same as last week’s – Justice. The message is strong that now is not a time to attempt to rationalize or get caught up in balancing the scales. Too much objectivity blocks the flow of our intuition and inner wisdom, which is ver much needed at this time.

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