Collective Reading for the Upcoming Moon Cycle: New Moon July 28 – Full Moon August 11, 2022

Theme: Compassion and Soulful Connection

Hi friends,

We have a lot of intense energies coming through during this upcoming moon cycle, so I thought I’d do a collective reading for this time period instead of the usual weekly reading. The moon cycle is from the New Moon, happening today (July 28), to the Full Moon on August 11. Generally speaking, the waxing cycle of the Moon, from New to Full, is a time of expansion, increase, manifestation, and “picking up the pace”. Energies become amplified. You can see the New Moon as a point of  beginnings, and the Full Moon as a point of culmination. Something to keep in mind for this collective reading.

Past // Knight of Wands
restless spirit, rapid change, adventure, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, passionate persistence

Present // Page of Wands
naive enthusiasm, new ideas, optimism, encouraging message

Future // Nine of Swords > Two of Cups > Ace of Coins
Nine of Swords: worry and anxiety, muddled thoughts, overwhelm, imagined nightmare, sleeping difficulties
Two of Cups: soulful connection, harmonious relationships, healing relationships
Ace of Coins: earthly abundance, raw energy, nourishment, an opportunity to create something new, a reminder to stay grounded

Blessing // Queen of Cups
empathy, compassion, intuition, mother energy, wisdom through experience, divine support

Block // Nine of Cups
contentment, satisfaction, success, overindulgence, escapism

We enter the cycle with fiery energy – lots of activity, ambition and adventure. Ready to charge forward with our goals, and perhaps travel as well. The Page of Wands reminds us to not become too impulsive with our actions, easy to do right now with whatever goals we are passionately pursuing. Optimism is great, just watch out for it tipping into naivete.

I say this because the Nine of Swords, following the Page of Wands, looks like some sort of shake up that knocks us out of optimism and into worry and anxiety. Utilize that fiery energy to get things done, just don’t get too caught up in the activity and ambition, or let yourself burn out. Especially with the Knight of Wands, it’s easy to get tunnel vision.

So, what do we do when these worries, fears, and anxieties come up? The cards are recommending soulful connection (Two of Cups) and compassion (Queen of Cups). The intensity of this moon cycle can turn into a mind game if you let it – however in spending time and conversation with those we love and value most in our lives, we can keep ourselves grounded (Ace of Coins) and speak and act from the heart space of compassion.

Interestingly, the Ace of Coins, a card of beginnings, is our final outcome at the Full Moon, which indicates a culmination. So there is something culminating that starts a new phase, based in earthly or material matters. This would also be an excellent Full Moon to cultivate soul connection with Earth energies, spending time out in nature.

The Queen of Cups reminds us of the divine support and wisdom that we are receiving at this time. An excellent archetype to tune in with, moving forward.

The Nine of Cups reminds us to watch out for overindulgence and escapism at this time.

I do think that compassion and connection are incredibly important right now. Let’s be good to each other, and kind to ourselves.

Bright Blessings,


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