Weekly Collective Reading: August 21-28, 2022

Theme: Bold Beginnings and Intuitive Decisions

Past // The Emperor
structured control, foundation, defining limits, a confident leader, protection, creating order out of chaos

Present // Knight of Swords
intellectual agility, bold solutions, cunning, rapid (but perhaps risky) success

Future // Knight of Cups
passionate idealism, intuition, romanticism, creative solutions

Blessing // Two of Cups
cosmic affinity, powerful connection, healing relationships, harmonious relationships of all kinds

Block // King of Swords
leadership or authority based on linear thinking, logical action, head over the heart, cold calculations

This week holds a lot of Knight energy – bold, adventurous, heroic, but also hasty, impulsive, and sometimes foolish. The Knight of Swords and Knight of Cups follow the past authoritative foundations of the Emperor, which suggests a rebellious energy this week that, if utilized properly, can bring about innovative solutions and swift progress. We move from the more linear realm of the Swords, to the realm of intuition and imagination with the Knight of Cups.

The Blessing and Block cards indicate it is best to take the path of the Knight of Cups rather than the Knight of Swords as the Knight of Swords answers to our Block card of the King of Swords. The Knight of Cups, however, resonates with the Blessing card of the Two of Cups. Be sure to reach out to loved ones this week – soulful connection will keep us grounded in these tides of emotions and bring clarity to what decisions or actions we need to take moving forward.

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