Weekly Collective Reading: August 28 – September 4, 2022

Theme: Confusion and Illusion (stay busy)

Past // Seven of Cups
too many choices, fantasies, indecision, delay, distraction, procrastination, wishing instead of doing

Present // Eight of Swords
a situation that seems impossible to resolve, concerns, regrets, being limited by your own blind spots or fear, mentally trapped, self doubt, overwhelm

Future // Two of Swords > The Devil

Two of Swords: conflict between your heart and your mind, indecision, stalemate, a need for peace, do not overanalyze the situation

The Devil: limited by illusions, confusion, materialism, indulgence, a choice between freedom and restraint

Blessing// Eight of Wands
swift progress, mobility, daily/mundane activities, a multitude of tasks or projects, movement, travel

Block // Two of Coins
two choices, trying to find balance, juggling circumstances, struggling with the flux of life


The cards spoke loud and clear this week, in fact every card in these reading, except the Blessing card, point to illusion, confusion, indecision, and mental struggle.
In fact, there is not even really a narrative to speak of, this is the constant theme throughout the week.

Some weeks are just like this, the overall sense I get from the reading is grappling with a situation in which we don’t have all of the information, but also don’t realize we don’t have all of the information, so we *think* we know what the choices are, and perhaps see it as either/or, when it is much more nuanced than we realize. It’s like the fortune teller saying “I need more information – ask again later”. Which can be frustrating! Watch out for getting impatient or frustrated with yourself this week. Whatever is causing you mental anguish most likely isn’t the full picture. We all have our blind spots.

Fortunately, we have the Eight of Wands reminding us that when we feel frozen by mental overwhelm, get up and do something! Tending to mundane tasks and activities this week is the antidote to these challenging energies. It might not be glamorous, but it will keep you grounded in the here and now.

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