Weekly Tarot + Moon Insights: September 4-11, 2022

Theme: New Beginnings

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Past // Five of Cups
disillusionment, loss, struggle, grief, regret, emotional storm, “being thoughtful and gentle in this moment will put the past in the past”

Present // Seven of Coins
patient resolve, dedication, stewardship, creativity, thoughtful planning, reflection on progress, tending to your roots

Future // Page of Swords
beginner’s mind, new insights, bold communication, intellectual innovation, detective energy, problem solving, clarity, a fresh perspective

Blessing // Three of Cups
celebration, friends and family, healing through community, harmony, joyful interaction

Block // King of Swords
intellectual authority, linear thinking, analytical decision making, harsh advice, head over heart

After the turmoil of last week’s confusion and illusion, we are offered some respite this week with reflection and a fresh perspective.
The more challenging energies from last week carry over with the Five of Cups – disillusionment brings the uncomfortable emotions of grief and regret. Grieve and let it go – now is the time to find a new path forward.
As I mentioned last week, staying busy is an excellent antidote for the difficult energies we may be experiencing. The Seven of Coins reminds us now to reflect on what we have accomplished, what is taking root, and where we feel called to dedicate our energies at this time. What do you feel called to cultivate this week?
And finally, the Page of Swords offers a breath of fresh air, as we may have new insights or solutions for moving forward. Embrace the beginner’s mind at this time and see what happens!
Our Blessing card for this week is the Three of Cups – spending time with those you value most in your life is going to bring a sense of harmony and joy to the week ahead. Our Block card is the King of Swords – watch out for being overly linear in your thinking, and be wary of prioritizing the head over the heart in your decision-making this week.

🌔 Moon Notes 🌔
We are in the second quarter of the lunar cycle, a time of momentum, progress, and activity. As we approach the Full Moon, the energies of the Seven of Coins and Page of Swords are excellent archetypes to focus on –
• Where can you utilize beginner’s mind for finding new insights and creative solutions?
• This is an excellent week to brainstorm for any projects or goals you have in the works.
• What do you feel called to devote your time and energy to right now?
• What do you feel called to cultivate at this time? What is taking root for you?

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