Greetings, and welcome to MMC (Maiden-Mother-Crone). My name is Saga Nightryder, I am the blog author, as well as host of the MMC forum and Book Coven. I created this site with the intention to foster community within the strange and lush world of witchcraft, and provide inspiration, ideas, and a place where we can learn from one another. My personal practice is based in Green Witchcraft, and ever-evolving.

Here you will find articles on witchcraft, herbalism, cooking, gardening, journaling, books, music, and more. I host a monthly book club called the MMC Book Coven, in which we read a monthly book selection and then discuss it over on the forum. If you would like to participate in the Book Coven and/or the forum (where we discuss other topics as well), please email me a request for info at saganightryder@gmail.com. And if you sign up for the newsletter, you will automatically receive Book Coven membership as well as a passcode to register for the forum.

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